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Our story

I grew up with the bakery trade. My parents used to own a bakery and several shops in the city of Groningen. My father baked the bread and cakes and my mother was in the shop. From the age of sixteen I also worked as a baker in the family business. Since 2012, I and my wife have had their own business in Groningen, Pure on the Vismarkt. We sold our own pastries there, among other things. We sold this business in April because we would like to fully focus on our new company: Room. 


The idea for Room was born about two years ago. I love a good ice cream and I actually missed this in Groningen. It occurred to me that I could also apply my years of experience as a confectioner to artisanal ice cream. As a baker you are also an ice cream maker, ice cream preparation is part of the training. With that basic knowledge, I then spent months testing recipes. Just about every night I served my family homemade ice cream for dessert until I had a few flavors that we all raved about.


Creamopened its doors last year and my wife and I are very happy and proud that we have already received so many positive reactions. We make everything ourselves; from the caramel sauce to the caramelized nuts and the crumble we toss through the ice cream. We believe it is important that we have products for everyone. For example, we have a number of vegan ice cream flavors and we also offer gluten-free ice cream cones, for example.

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